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Engaging ways to science: empowering project-based learning for interdisciplinary science education

The motivation of JHVS (DE) and other partner schools (LT, PT, HU) to set up this project is fuelled by the need to get more opportunities to cooperate and provide deeper and more rewarding student experiences and higher engagement in the Science learning-teaching process both for educators and students. Focusing on interdisciplinarity while teaching Science is not enough to target rigorous learning and problem solving.

This should be reinforced by adding the project-based learning, as they are a natural fit and highly complement each other, they together lead to a high-quality science education. The project is seen as a means to strengthen and foster the Science education model that shifts away from present classroom practices and instead emphasizes learning activities that are longer-term, interdisciplinary, student-centered, and integrated with real-world issues and practices.

Our aim is to exchange experiences and get new ideas to empower project-based learning as an approach for a more engaging interdisciplinary Science education.

This aim is also related to the exchange of good practices, improvement and development of activities based on mini-project (lasting from one week to one month) approach to be integrated into the curriculum for teaching Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. As providing transnational educational opportunities for both teachers and students is the core of the project, the activities will promote the value of organising and recognising the learning carried out in partner schools in order to find new ways to strengthen the participants’ competencies and improve knowledge, get professional/ real-life related learning stimuli as well as raise their motivation to learn/teach Science. Participating in the project is also an efficient way to fight teachers’ professional burnout and to offer an insight into the educational systems of other countries which knowledge can be beneficial for all the participants.

To exchange experiences and good practices

Including methodological aspects, of involving students in interdisciplinary Science activities when the latter includes project-based learning as an essential component.

To induce and support the development of new Science learning activities

Combining a mini-project based approach and integration of other subjects such as English/Literature.

To advance a student learning environment

Enrich everyday practice in partner schools through the projects of teaching Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English/Literature and lasting between one week and one month.

To give an opportunity for Science and English/Literature teachers to learn and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience

English/Literature and lasting between one week and one month.

International events

To promote project-based learning for interdisciplinary Science education at local, national and international levels.

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