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After participating in an  Erasmus+ project  activities in Budapest  Beatriz Santos, João Neto,  Leonor Afonso, and – Margarida Claudino prepared an article and  shared there feedback  under the title “An experience of a lifetime: Erasmus+ – the Portuguese approach“. Here is what they said in the article:


,,From the 19th-25th of May 2022, many Portuguese, Lithuanian, German and Hungarian students participated in an ERASMUS+ program in Budapest, Hungary.

Under the motto “Engaging Ways to Science: empowering project-based learning for interdisciplinary science education“, the project aims to make science lessons even more interesting for the students. Since science fiction films were the basis of the program, each country was required to share their project, which the main goal was to connect the chosen film with science.

This interchange of ideas allowed us to let our imaginations run wild, inspiring us to think about how science may be implemented in our everyday lives!

Apart from witnessing the initiatives of other countries, we got the opportunity to attend multidisciplinary and international classes and visit CSOPA (a science center) during the week.


However, there’s not only benefits in learning terms but also in the linguistic aspect. Since there is also an exchange with other schools, that forced us to get to know other European cultures, traditions and most importantly, making lifelong friendships.

We advise every student to participate in an Erasmus program. Being abroad as a tourist is very different from being abroad as an exchange student, and once you become immersed in the local lifestyle, everything becomes much easier.

Overall, we consider this program to be an enriching experience that has helped us develop personal and professional skills while also falling in love with each others countries and people day after day.

We brought something very special back at the end of our Erasmus: Memories“.

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