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Scientify in Pakruojis – Portuguese students’ impressions

From November 27th to December 3rd, the four Portuguese students Laura, Leonor, Sofia and Tomás participated in the Erasmus + program with a meeting in Lithuania. At that meeting we were in contact with several students from Germany, Hungary and of course Lithuania.


The theme throughout that week was “Learning Circles”. Each country had to previously choose and understand an article about science so that during the meeting they could present the article in question to everyone.


In addition to the articles developed by each country, we also had other activities, where we worked in groups, each involving people of different nationalities. In these groups we worked on different articles that were presented at the “Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences of Vilnius University”. Still related to science, we visited “Šiauliai STEAM center”, where we carried out experimental activities in the physics and biology laboratories.


In this way, not only did we have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in the area of science, but we also learned about the history and culture of Lithuania: we visited the capital and some of its monuments, such as the Vilnius Castle Complex and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and lived our day to day as true Lithuanian citizens.


This experience would have not been complete if we hadn’t met new people and made new friends. Having all different nationalities, we were able to learn more about each culture, improve our language skills and also grow as people.


As it was the last meeting of this program, we were very happy and grateful to be able to be part of this unique and unforgettable experience. In this way, we hope to encourage you to participate in programs like this one and to live the best week of your lives!


Laura, Leonor, Sofia and Tomás