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"International Science Learning Circle"

The activities were organised in Pakruojis “Atžalynas” Gymnasium (Pakruojis, Lithuania) on 28th November – 2nd December 2022. The students were invited to take part in team building activities led by the host school teachers Roma and Inesa. A session was organized for their presentations on the Science learning circle activity results in every partner school (as local activities).  Being divided into  4 international groups of 6 students in each group they participated in  Science learning circle activities based on analysing  different articles: “Concerning the origins of charge transfer in the micro-structure of matter: The contribution of Theodor von Grotthuss”  by Juozas Al. Krištopaitis (2006),  “Theodor von Grotthuss’ Contribution to Electrochemistry” by Rasa Pauliukatė, Jurga Juodkazytė, Rimantas Ramanauskas (2017), “An update of the chemiosmotic theory as suggested by possible proton currents inside the coupling membrane” by Allesando Maria Morelli, Silvia Ravera, Daniela Calzia and Isabella Panfoli (2018-2019), “The Grotthuss mechanism”  by Noam Agmon (1995).  The students learned more about Theodor  von Grothuss works  by analysing the aforementioned scientific  articles and searching for relevant  information, preparing presentations   in their study groups. Later the continuation of the activities took place  at the Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences of Vilnius University (Vilnius). The participants presented the results of the scientific article studies and participated in the discussion/lecture with Prof. Aivaras Kareiva – the head of Grotthuss Association in Lithuania. In addition, the participants  performed the experiments “What plant pigments are involved in photosynthesis?” (laboratory of Biology- Chemistry), and “Rainbow in the palm of your hand“ (laboratory of Physics)  under the supervision of the STEAM centre staff members Ms. Ilona Kerienė and Ms, Irma Gincerienė, as well as the host school  teachers Vita Gudonienė and Daiva Makauskienė at Šiauliai STEAM centre.