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“The Secrets of Spider  Webs”. This is the name that the  students from Pakruojis Atžalynas Gymnasium suggested for the photography exhibition which was opened on the 11th  February.
Why cobwebs? The answer is very simple. Representatives of the IIa, IIb, IIc, IIIb and IIIc classes of the gymnasium are going to  implementing the interdisciplinary science project “Spider Superpowers”. The students and teachers  wanted to start the project activities with admiring the shapes, sizes, knitting locations of the webs  created by spiders.
The exhibition featured works by 11 authors: teacher Vita Gudonienė, students Patricija Geležėlytė, Gerda Bertulytė, Samanta Barkauskaitė, Vincentas Lekas, Ugnė Vaitkutė, Agnietė Kapučinskaitė, Elinga Gendvilaitė, Julius Šapoka, Orinta Giedraitytė.

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