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"International Teacher's Room 4 - Assessment Techniques"

The activities were organised in Pakruojis “Atžalynas” Gymnasium (Pakruojis, Lithuania) on 28th November – 2nd December 2022. The teachers   participated in a session for sharing good practice on the assessment/evaluation techniques in partner schools and a workshop/lecture on assessment techniques “Assessment for Learning Success” by assoc. prof. Dr Ramutė Gaučaitė from Šiauliai Academy of Vilnius University. The training also involved a practical session for assessing students‘ presentations. This was a practical application of the assessment tool for Science Learning Circle Activity introduced by the host school teachers Rita Vinskūnaitė and Rasa Bertulienė. Later on the participants had a discussion on practical application of the introduced assessment tool (for evaluation, self-evaluation) “The Target” providing feedback on the most applicable parts for further use in partner schools as well as suggestions for further/possible improvement.